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Keynote Speakers

We are pleased to announce that the keynote speakers will be:
Peter Morville and  Andrea Resmini.

Peter Morville

Peter Morville

Being a professional in the field of information architecture and not knowing Peter Morville, a pioneer and “founding father” of IA and UX, can be considered a sin. He has been engaged in IA since 1994. As a CEO of Argus Associates, he set up a company which has become the most respected IA entity in the world. He has been running a consulting agency Semantic Studios since 2001. His experience comes from working for the giants of the global market: Google, Microsoft, Procter&Gamble, IBM, Ernst&Young, Cisco, and many, many more.

Author of best-selling books like “Information Architecture for the World Wide Web” and “Search Patterns: Design for Discovery”. His publications boast the reputation of a must-read for every information architecture professional. His works have been reviewed by Business Week, The Economist, The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal.

He spoke at summits and conferences all over the world, sharing his broad knowledge. Moreover, he’s writing a blog at intertwingled.com, where he shares his life experiences. When he is not engaged in the matters of information architecture, he volunteers in a Humane Society of Huron Valley.


Andrea Resmini

Andrea Resmini

Engaged in IA since 1999. Co-founder of the Italian Society for Information Architecture “Architecta”. Editor-in-chief and co-founder of a scientific journal “Journal of Information Architecture”. Co-author of the book “Pervasive Information Architecture: Designing Cross-Channel User Experiences”.

In 2008 he started REG-iA—an international initiative consociating professionals in the field of information architecture. REG-iA currently unites academics from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Italy and Poland. Its goal is to make information architecture a fully recognized academic discipline.

He appeared at many international conferences of IA, such as MobileTech, ER&L, UX Poland, BITA, ENWI, Interact London, World IA Day, Italian IA Summit and many more. Currently he’s a senior lecturer at the International Business School of Jönköping University (Sweden). After hours he’s passionate about Tolkien, video games and WWII submarine warfare.


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