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Visualizing information – workshops

The goal of the workshop is for participants to gain skills related to creating information architecture in the language of visual communication. The workshop is addressed to people who have no knowledge of graphic design programs.

The work will be based on Google Presentations, because of the need to generate graphs, also on its Sheets. Optionally, each participant can use another, chosen tool for presentations and charts.

During the workshop each participant will prepare a presentation from the given information, which will include icons, maps and charts.

The workshop will be held in two 90-minute blocks. Maximum number of participants: 25 people.

The workshop will be led by:

Anna Treska-Siwoń

Expert in Advertising Graphics and Multimedia at the Tischner European University. She has been working with digital graphics since 1998. Head of computer labs at Aksjomat publishing house (1999-2000) and Longin Studio advertising agency (2000-2005), creative director at MMDS Print Management (2005-2007). She mainly deals with creation of visual identification, wayfinding, packaging and advertising prints. She has worked for the following companies and institutions, among others: British Council, Cramo, British Embassy, BP, OFAFA festival, PWN, PZU, Torbalski Elephant, RR Donnelley, Cooperative Bank, Farma Projekt, Cracow University of Economics, Anticor, Capgemini, Orion, Variant, Valvex, Lafarge, Barlinek, Tactica Pharmaceuticals, AGH Publishers, Collegium Medicum UJ. Since 2011 he has been designing as a freelancer and teaching graphic design. As part of her doctoral dissertation at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, she prepared a series of publications entitled Designer and User, part of which entitled Contexts will be published by Copernicus in December 2021.

Form unavailable

Participation in the workshop is free of charge for participants of the AIDA 3 conference. Others (subject to availability) – payment of 200 PLN. The number of places is limited, the order of applications decides about the admission to the workshop.

Attention: In case of resignation from the workshop, please inform the organizer not later than June 8.

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