Uniwersytet Pedagogiczny
im. Komisji Edukacji Narodowej w Krakowie

WordPress as a didactic tool in the process of studying information architecture

AIDA 3 / June 9 - 10 2022

Piotr Andrusiewicz

Education in the Information Architecture major includes equipping graduates with knowledge and skills in designing organizational and information management systems, preparing them to work in designing information spaces and publishing content for traditional and digital media. The analysis of curricula, study plans and syllabuses for the Information Architecture major leads to the conclusion that thorough preparation of students to work with the WordPress platform can be an excellent, didactically functional way to familiarise students with the key issues addressed by information science, including information architecture. The paper presents the possibilities of practical familiarisation of students with the key issues of the discipline on the example of solutions used on the WordPress platform.

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